Throughout the various classes there ranks. These are the ranks of each class.


Novice Bender (0-3000 Experience)Edit

  • Basic Bending: Basic Bending is a bending that is used by Novice Benders who are new to bending. Since it is basic bending the benders aren't skilled enough to even make shapes out of their element. They are only skilled enough to attack and defend. Basic Bending also takes a lot of energy out of the Novice Benders because since they are new to bending they do not quite know how to bend with out a lot of physical movement. From the constant physical movement they lose energy very quickly.

Apprentice Bender (3000-5500 Experience)Edit

  • Fierce Bending: Fierce Bending is bending that is more fierce than basic bending and can easily send a person flying doing a lot of damage to them. Fierce Bending is usually meant for offense but can be used for defense.
  • Shape Creation: Apprentice Benders have shape. Creative Bending is the bending that allows the benders to create basic shapes like spheres, cubes, and etc.

Adept Bender (5500-8000 Experience)Edit

  • Physically Less Bending: Physically Less Bending is the bending that doesn't require much physical movement. It requires just slight movement to perform a bending technique. This makes the bender not lose as much energy from the movement.
  • New Bending Style: Your character gets a new bending style.

Master Bender (8000+ Experience)Edit

  • Creative Bending: Creative Bending is the bending that uses creativity whether it is breathing fire from your mouth, creating tornadoes, or making whirlpools. Creative Bending allows to do creative things with your element rather than just making basic shapes.
  • Psychic Bending: The ability to do bending without any physical movement but with sheer focus and force of will.

Chi BlockersEdit

Novice Chi Blocker (0-3000 Experience)Edit

  • Basic Chi Blocking: Basic Chi Blocking allows the user to block their opponent's chi and make the opponent's muscles weaker decreasing all physical advantages including speed and strength. This also allows the user to disable their opponent's bending (if they have bending) for five attacks.

Apprentice Chi Blocker (3000-5500 Experience)Edit

  • Skilled Chi Blocking: Skilled Chi Blocking is more effective than Basic Chi Blocking. Instead of just making the muscles weaker each time a Chi Blocking attack is used it makes that person's body part move that was attacked in an angle making them bend, twist, and stumble back depending in which spot was hit. This can also make the person eventually lose balance in a combination of attacks. This also allows the user to disable their opponent's bending (if they have bending) for ten attacks.

Adept Chi Blocker (5500-8000 Experience)Edit

  • Critical Chi Blocking: Critical Chi Blocking is critical as it is stated in the name. A combo with at least 3 attacks can make an opponent instantly fall to the ground. This can also disable your opponent's bending (if they have bending) for 15 attacks.

Master Chi Blocker (8000+ Experience)Edit

  • Paralyzing Chi Blocking: Now instead of just temporarily making your opponent's muscles weaker you paralyze the muscle you hit. Their muscles are paralyzed for 25 attacks. This can also disable your opponent's bending (if they have bending) for 25 attacks.


Novice Swordsman (0-3000 Experience)Edit

  • Sword Wielding: Since you are a swordsman you get the ability of sword wielding.

Apprentice Swordsman (3000-5500 Experience)Edit

  • Two Swords: You are now more skilled in the way of the sword and can wield two swords very skillfully in the way of swordsmenship.

Adept Swordsman (5500-8000 Experience)Edit

  • Two Extra Weapons: You got two extra weapons that aren't swords. Just because you get two extra weapons there are restrictions. You are a swordsman so you still have to use your sword. These extra weapons are to only be used when necessary.

Master Swordsman (8000+ Experience)Edit

  • Five Extra Weapons (Optional): Lucky you, you get to add more equipment to your backpack, if you want. You now get five extra weapons to use but like when you got two extra weapons you can only use them if necessary.
  • Armor: Awesome you get armor. Your armor can be on any part of your body whether it be a mask, helmet, full armor, or anything you want. It can be light or heavy. Have fun using it in battle!