Mars is a 15 year old Water Bender.  

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Nationality Northern Water Tribe
Ethnicity White
Age 15
Hair White Born Dec.15
Gender Male
Profession Bender
Relatives None Living
Portrayed by Freezing-Soul
Fighting Style(s) He uses many different fighting styles

History Edit

Mars' parents were killed by a Fire Bender when he was very young. Since then he has had a hard time trusting any Fire Benders. He was adopted by many people but always ran away. Because of that he grew up on the streets. He spent most of his time training his bending skills and trying to get money. Since then he has gotten a small house and is a skilled bender.

Personality Edit

Even though he had a dark past he still likes to keep things light. He jokes often and people often get offended by them even though he is normally kidding. He is kind of a smart ass. He can also be serious if someone threatens him or his freinds. He trys to lighten up serious situations most of the time, to ease tension.

Appearance Edit

Mars has Snow-White hair and bright turquoise eyes. He has fairly tan skin and is average height for his age. He is pretty muscular as well. Mars wears many different outfits and usually has a sword strapped to his back. The most common thing he wears is a blue and white hoodie.

Weapons Edit

Staff: He uses a metal staff that is retractable so that it is easier to carry. The metal it is made out of is taken from a fallen meteorite making it almost impossible to break. An small metal tip can also come out of the end making it like a spear also.

Katana: This sword was made from the same thing his staff was, so it is also very durable. It was made to be lighter however, so it isn't quite as strong as his staff is. 

Abilities Edit

Water Bending: He is very skilled in waterbending and has been since he was very young. He doesn't use it often and usually relies on martial arts. He is skilled enough to use the water from the air, and doesn't even need large water sources normally.

Martial Arts: He is also very skilled at martial arts even though he has had little formal training. He combines many different styles to create his own. When he combines this with his water bending he is very hard to beat.

Agility: Mars is very fast, and almost never stays in one spot during fights. He has a very hyper offensive fighting style, and his agility and speed compliment it well.

Ice Bending: Mars has the ability to Ice Bend. He uses this more than normal Water-Bending, because it works better with his style of fighting, since Ice causes more damage usually. Mars likes creating things from ice like weapons as well.

Swordsmanship: Mars is very skilled using any sword. He normally uses his Katana. He has been training with swords just as long as with his bending, and is extremely talented.