Raiden Suzuki
The Crimson Flame
Nationality Fire Nation
Ethnicity Fire Nation
Age 26
Hair Red Born July 28th
Gender Male
Allies None at the moment
Enemies None at the moment
Profession Fire Bending
Relatives None Alive.
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Portrayed by Techno Bacon
Fighting Style(s) Martial Arts

Raiden Suzuki is a 26 year old Fire Bender born in the Fire Nation.


Raiden was born in a small village in the Fire Nation. His father was a man from the Water Tribe who moved to the Fire Nation to be a blacksmith. His mother was a gardener, teacher, and firebender. When Raiden was 10 he started training to master his fire bender abilites. He was taught in 10 different styles of Martial Arts to maximize his firebending capabilities. When he was 17 his Father was killed by Rouge Fire Benders and His mother went into a deep depression. Raiden had to provide for his mother on a shoe string budget. 3 Years later His mother died of cancer and he was left miserable. He went to the Fire nation Temple and trained. That's where he stays to this day.


Raiden has bright red hair with red eyes. He usually wears his fathers orange Gi that is tied with a blue wrap to match the blue shirt under it. He wears blue boots with red lining and tie.


Raiden has a very determined personality he is a perfectionist and Never quits at anything. His motto is "It ain't over till it's over" he gets most of his Anger from the Fire Benders themselves. He is by no means a Hero he doesn't care if you get hurt while he's fire bending and he fire bends whenever he wants. Don't make him angry unless you want to die a painful firery death.



Raiden Fire Bending

Raiden's Destructive Firebending

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Raiden's Fire Aura

Raiden's firebending is very unique, being able to release his fire in an explosive manner around his whole body in an aura. This has never been done before because usually bending comes out the limbs or openings of the user. He has shown to be able to release the fire in a huge wave of inferno being shown to be destructive.