Everyone can create their character by choosing any of the available Classes and by choosing a nation your character is from. Depending on your nation your character infobox will be different. The names of the infoboxs are CharFire (Fire Nation), CharWater (Water Tribe), CharEarth (Earth Kingdom), CharAir(Air Nomads). For your character there will need to be several sections though.


So your character will not be jumbled up and easy to read it will have to be divided into sections.

  • History: Your character's history is necessary. The history on how you grew up needs to be documented. It gives us information on why you're like the way you are or what happened to you as you were coming up.
    • Arcs and Sagas: Your arcs and sagas will need to be documented on your character page. Sagas should be level 3 heading and the arcs in that saga should be level four. Tell what you did in that specific arc and saga.
  • Personality: Don't make your character boring. Have fun with it and give it and interesting personality. Serious person, shy person, or etc.?
  • Abilities: Abilities are the abilities that your character has. Each ability will be listed in a level a three section. Abilities can be your bending, physical advantages, or your skills.

Character Example: Toma