The journey of a user is freeroam roleplay meaning the user can roam free to wherever they want. Although it is freeroam roleplay, events such as arcs come up which causes the user to follow along with the arc. Following along with the arc can still be done in a freeroam way as each user can have their own way of reacting to events in that arc. When events aren't happening in the current arc, users can continue off with their regular daily lives.

Other users' journeys can cross paths with each other during the roleplay. This can happen anytime at any place.

Throughout your journey you earn Experience (shortened as EXP) and Yuan. Experience is the experience you have in the world, which will be recorded on your character page. Your experience increasing, also increases your skill because you are more experience in it now. Yuan is the currency in the world which you use to buy things and pay for stuff. Yuan can be earned from your profession or during an event of an arc.