Toma is a gifted Firebender, he plays in the Pro-Bending Arena in a team called the "Fire-Dillos", he is the grandson of Mako, he's 16 years old.

Tomahawk Sover
Nationality Fire Nation
Ethnicity Fire Nation
Age 17
Hair Indian Red Born June 7th
Gender Male
Allies Kakutsuchi
Profession Pro-Bending
Relatives Deceased Father

Missing Mother Missing Brother

Debut October 8th
Portrayed by User:Powerful gohan
Fighting Style(s) Cool under the Fire


Toma looks similar to Natsu from the Fairy Tale series, but his eyes are blue and he has a sort of tattoo on his right arm.


Toma was born with a gift of Firebending, he has used it well and at 16 years old, he qualified to be in a Pro-Bending team. As he continued to march his way to the tournament, he has experienced many conflicts, such as being chi-blocked. After about 6 weeks after Toma joined the Fire-Dillos, he was chi-blocked then kidnapped, after he woke up, he saw a mysterious masked man, the one who kidnapped him, but Toma's firebending teacher appeared before the man could do anything. Toma broke down.

The Fire-Dillos contained people such as Toma and Kakutsuchi. They started out looking for a waterbender and they one day saw a poster that said there was a Waterbending Competition, so they hurried to the Pro-Bending where the competition was to take place. Toma and Kakutsuchi took a seat and watched, it was a fierce battle of Waterbenders and the last two waterbenders were Renem Hammerfell and Mars. They had a good fight and Renem eventually won, Toma and Kakutsuchi jumped down to the arena and requested for Renem to join their team. And Renem accepted.


Toma is very focused on training, he likes to hang out with his friend on Sundays, but it's quite hard to pull him out of training, He trains a lot for the Pro-Bending matches.



Toma was born with a gift of Firebending, he has used it for only Pro-Bending and other necessary activities, his Firebending is much hotter than usual fire, but isn't color blue. He uses the "Cool under the fire" fighting style.

Physical SkillsEdit

Toma is not only skilled in bending, he is well trained in martial arts, too. He uses it for self defense and fierce hand to hand combat.