Nationality Earth Kingdom
Ethnicity Earth Kingdom
Age 26
Hair Black Born March 15
Gender Male
Allies None
Enemies Corrupt Fire Benders
Profession Unknown
Relatives Father (Descended), Mother, Little Brother
Debut {{{Debut}}}
Portrayed by The Supreme Super Saiyan Nikad I
Fighting Style(s) Earthbending (Metalbending)


Part 1Edit

Zakatski was born rich and had no worries in the world, he had everything he ever wanted, he had a caring mother, a nice working father, and a playful little brother. Everyone adored him in his village, because he was the prince of it all. His little brother was jealous, but it didn't bother him. But everything changed when a swarm of fire benders invaded his village, killed his father, and made everyone slaves while Zakatski was the age of 6. He was a slave for 14 years, but then he took secret classes during 2 minute breaktimes and learned earthbending from an unknown teacher. At age 23 he refused to work and started going on a rampage, with his earthbending. He freed all the slaves and took down the leader. But just when things were looking good they sent reinforcements and killed all the slaves, Zakatski was the only remaining slave, he retreated to the woods and practiced his earthbending on some trees. At the age of 26, he saw a whole army of firebenders coming toward him and prepared himself. He raced toward the armies and fought all he could, but he was no match, he was captured in a cage full of metal, they thought that only special earthbenders would be able to bend metal, so they didn't worry about him.

Part 2Edit

He stood around, seeming like he had already given up, then just when he was about to go into depression, thinking that he would never see his mom and little brother again, he slammed the metal and felt a slight vibration in his veins, just like when he bangs the earth beneath him, then when he tries to break out, he learns Metal Bending, he breaks ope the metal and earthbends the people that captured him off a cliff, and used the Metal from it to make a shield, so that he would be protected by the fire. He walked in slowly, the metal getting hotter and hotter as the people shoot him with fire, then when he's through everyone, he earthbends them off a clifff as well, and now they are all gone. He grabs the metal and cuts a piece of it off, and grabs a wooden stick and cuts a hole in the metal, then he puts the stick in the hole of the metal, he spends hours and hours smoothing the metal out until there, he has his own metal sword, it's shiny and black, reflecting the sunlight into his eyes, he says "Amazing". 

Part 3Edit



Zakatski at age 26

He has black, shiny hair, and crystal clear grey eyes and think eyebrows. He usually wears his favorite shirt, his favorite shirt has an open collar and buttons leading from his chest to his weist. Half of them are buttoned. He is 5'10


He has determination to do whatever he wants to do, he is a lonewolf, following his own rules and using his earthbending for whatever he wants, but also he uses his earthbending to save other families from one of their relatives dying, because they do not want the same happening to them, for what happened to him 20 years ago, but he is fierce when he earthbends and he rarely has control of himself when he gets angry, so don't make him angry, or else you'll get hit by a thousand rocks.



He can make a rock barrier for himself to shield himself against enemies. He can bend up rocks and combine them together to make huge rock to crush his enemies' bones down. He can do various things with his earthbending, except for certain things.


He can only do this when Metal is around him or in the environment he is standing on. He can cover himself in Metal for Armor/Protection Against Every element except Air, which just blows the Metal away, but in order to do this there must be enough metal to surround his ENTIRE body, which is rare, this Technique has two weakness. 1. It cannot defend against air. 2. When the metal is around his entire body, he is surprisingly very slow. He can create Shields out of metal to block every element except fire. 


He does not have much experience with swords yet, but his sword is made out of metal and he can swing around with it to cut enemies in half.