Ziku is 15 years old and is a firebender.

Ziku Tanan
Nationality Fire Nation
Ethnicity Fire Nation
Age 15
Hair Orange Born February 27
Gender Male
Allies Unknown
Enemies Unknown
Profession Student
Relatives Unknown
Debut Role Play
Portrayed by Maroyasha
Fighting Style(s) Fire Fu


Ziku was a firebender since he was little. When he was 4 he accidently torched his entire room. When he was 5 he was abandoned on the streets by his parents. Then he was taken in by a mysterious couple. He does not remember them, since they too abandoned him. They abandoned him at age 10. Since then he has been roaming around the world. Now he is a student in a great school. He doesn't have many friends though. He likes to watch Pro-Bending a lot. He tends to volunteer as a vender to make money. Otherwise, he just stays in his small crummy apartment and goes to his factory job.


Ziku is a determined person. He wants to be smart and makes his way up the chain of society. He is shy, untrusting, and very distant from people. He tends to travel by himself when he goes somewheres.


Kung FuEdit

Ziku trained in Kung Fu since he was 5. He is a black belt. When someone messes with him it usually ends bad. He tends to combine his Kung Fu with his firebending to creat Fire Fu. His own style of bending.

Fire BendingEdit

Ziku has been firebending since he was little. On his travels he uses it to start fires and keep warm. He also uses it in his Fire Fu style of fighting.